2000 years ago the world was devastated by a cataclysm the size and depth of which had never been known before. Little is known of what caused this cataclysm or of the ancient people that lived during that time. All that is commonly know is that the people of that time where completely obliterated by cataclysm. The ruins of their civilization can still be seen in the waists surrounding the havens. What little has been seen of these ruins show a people that had very great knowledge, wisdom and power beyond the imagination. They say that the world burned for nearly 100 years because of the cataclysm. After the great burning, witch only a few stories that are highly debated remain, from the dust of the destruction the gods raised the people of the world. The gods created havens for the people and where worshiped for it. One of these havens is Larado. The gods themselves have said that Larado is the jewel of their havens and the greatest but as the gods have always taught, there is always opposites and as great as it is in power and advancement is, so to have they said that it is the most dangerous of all there havens.

Mesa Old School Gaming : Larado 2.0

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